Veda Pulse

Veda Pulse

In the East – in India, Tibet and China – the secrets of pulse analysis have been thoroughly preserved. This knowledge has been circulating in narrow circles for generations. In both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pulse diagnosis tool is used to obtain detailed information about a person’s mental and physical state. It takes a lot of training and time for an Ayurvedic doctor to interpret the wealth of messages hidden in the body’s heartbeat, and there are many systems for reading the heartbeat. We use the VedaPulse ™.

In our practice we focus on balancing physical, mental and emotional health through Ayurveda, Yoga and Pranic Healing. It is often difficult for our clients to understand the concepts of Ayurveda or Pranic Healing, but with Veda Pulse we provide an objective tool that makes it possible to get answers to important questions:

What is the current stress level in the body?

What type of stress response is normal for the body?

What energy level does the body have?

Is It Enough To Maintain Good Health?

Which organs and systems lack energy and which ones work under pressure?

Based on this we make an evaluation of the type of Ayurvedic constitution, for which we make individual recommendations to restore balance in the body and initiate the mechanism of self-recovery.