Ayurvedic Treatments

We offer different Ayurvedic massage treatments and other treatments. These treatments can be administered outside of a treatment plan, but we always recommend a consultation first to determine whether the treatment is suitable and appropiate. 

We offer the following treatments: 

  • Full Body Massage treatments – ABHYANGA
  • Head Massage treatment – SIRO ABHYANGA
  • Face Massage treatment – MUKH ABHYANGA
  • Facial treatment, including face massage – FACIAL MUKH ABHYANGA
  • Foot Massage Treatment – PADA ABHYANGA
  • 5 sense therapy (color, aroma, touch (massage), sound, taste)

Other Ayurvedic treatments upon request or as part of treatment plan are: 

  • Nasal treatment – Nasya 
  • Filling of the ear treatment – Karna Poorana
  • Eye treatment – Netra Basti 
  • Lower back oleation treatment – Kati Basti
  • Chest/Heart oleation treatment – Udo Basti 
  • Knee oleation treatment – Janu Basti 
  • Cervical oleation treatment – Greeva Basti  

We use products of Kama Ayurveda, Banyan Products, Surya Products and Young Living