Ayurvedic treatments and consultations at Sankalpa Holistic Health are eligible for reimbursement by health insurers from the supplementary insurance policy

Sankalpa Holistic Health is affiliated with the professional association LVNT and umbrella organization RBCZ (Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care). Most health insurers will reimburse all or part of the consultations and treatments. The reimbursement often varies from  € 40 to € 75 per day. Whether your Ayurvedic treatment or consultation is eligible for reimbursement depends on your policy.

Click here to see if your health insurer reimburses Ayurvedic treatments and consultations or contact your health insurer.

Please note: the reimbursement from the health insurer only applies to treatments with medical purposes. If you want a relaxation massage, this is not eligible for reimbursement. Neither does our Holistic Coaching Program. You can, however, inquire with your employer to what extent the Holistic Coaching Program is eligible for full or partial reimbursement as part of, for example, a sustainable employability process or reintegration process after illness or burnout.