It’s not what you do once in a while that matters, healthy habits create a healthy life and unhealthy habits create an unhealthy life”  ~ Dr. Marc Halpern.

Start your Ayurvedic journey with a comprehensive assessment of your individual state of health and lifestyle. Then receive a personalized treatment plan designed to treat your condition and balance the energies in your body and mind.

At Sankalpa Holistic Health we take a Holistic approach. The main strength of Ayurveda is that it increases your own self-healing capacity. From Ayurveda we work with nutrition, herbal supplements, body treatments, lifestyle, yoga therapy (also meditation) to increase the self-healing capacity of the body.  

Ayurvedic Health Consultation

This consultation incorporates an integrated and holistic approach to health with Ayurvedic Medicine.

Step 1,  Initial Consultation €100

We will start with your concerns and your goals. We go through an extensive health history and intake. I perform both a tongue and pulse diagnosis. and overall perform an ayurvedic assessment. You will receive 1 to 2 initial recommendations until our next session where I will share my findings. Duration: 90 minute session.  Note that included in this consultation is also a health scan with Veda Pulse.

Step 2, Report of findings and treatment plan €80

Within a week after your initial intake we will meet again. I will share my findings and provide you your personal treatment plan. Your plan will include the short and longer term objectives and the first lifestyle and diet recommendations. Duration: 60 minute session.

Step 3, Follow-up Consultation €80

My role is to support you during a follow-up consultation. With regular visits you will be motivated and supported to make the necessary changes in your life. During each visit I give you an assignment, a kind of homework: something to work on between visits. Whenever we meet, I will check how things are going. We will agree on the frequency of the follow-ups, depending on your chief complaint / request for care and your personal situation. Duration consultation: 60 minutes. Other treatments depending on type.

Note that your treatment plan will include lifestyle and nutritional advice according to Ayurveda. In addition, I also work with aroma and color advice / therapy and I give recommendations for Ayurvedic treatments or yoga therapy  . After the initial consultation, I will guide you with these follow-up consultations of 1 hour towards optimal health and well-being. 


You do not have to be sick to come for a Consultation. Ayurvedic medicine mainly focuses on prevention. However, if there is already an imbalance, below are examples for which people come to Sankalpa Holistic Health.
  • chronic health condition
  • very low energy
  • sleeping problems
  • mild, moderate and severe digestive problems
  • problems with sugar regulation
  • cardiovascular problems
  • reproductive health problems
  • joint complaints
  • mild, moderate and severe skin problems
  • immune disorders
  • hormonal imbalances
  • stress / burnout
Ayurvedic medicine never serves as a replacement for regular medicine. Always consult your doctor or specialist if you have a question about your health condition or a medical diagnosis, Ayurvedic treatments and consultations at Sankalpa Holistic Health are eligible for reimbursement by health insurers from the supplementary insurance policy. More info

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