Holistic approach

At Sankalpa Holistic Health we take a Holistic approach and care. This means that we see you as a whole (body and mind). Holistic care does not only look at your chief complaint , but at the person behind this chief complaint. Behind every complaint, symptom or need for care there is more than just physical or mental imbalance, it is a collaboration of several factors. We therefore emphasize on finding the root cause and not on purely combating complaints or symptoms.

The term holism stands for whole and is derived from the Greek word ‘Holos’. In holistic care we look at the person as a whole because everything is inextricably linked. We therefore look at the various factors and how they influence each other and tailor the treatment accordingly. Always with an eye for you and your individual needs and wishes.

We believe that the most important thing is that you as a person are seen and heard when you come to us for support. When you share your deepest sadness, fears, concerns or vulnerabilities with someone, you want to be able to trust them and feel a connection. In order to build that important relationship of trust, we take extensive time to listen to you and look together with you at what a good treatment plan can be. In this way we slowly build up a good relationship, so that you can connect with yourself and be your true self.

Holistic care sees the person as a whole

You consist of a physical body, your mind, your soul, your environment and your feelings (emotions). These 5 factors are the levels of holism and are inextricably linked. It does not matter where the imbalance arises, it has repercussions on the other levels in the short or long term.

When you are sad, this emotion also affects the body. For example, you can get pain in your back. Conversely, physical pain can also bring with it emotions such as sadness or anger because you can no longer do everything because of your back problems. In holistic care we try to bring these levels back into balance. When you are in balance and feel vital, you can live again from your strength and potential.

What is the added value of holistic care?

Holistic care is people-oriented care with the aim of feeling vital so that you can get more out of life. In a treatment plan, it is not the disease or the complaint that is central, but the person behind the disease. With holistic care we can therefore also speak of tailor-made care, tailored to you as a person and your personal needs and wishes. We take the time to get to know you and to build a relationship of trust.