Group Programs

Most people make their choices about how to live based on a lack of knowledge. Taking cues from friends, family and the media, choices are made. If these choices have led you to optimal health and inner peace, then you have been blessed. But if not, Ayurveda and Yoga outlines a clear road map for the journey and provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.” ~ Healing your life

I offer beautiful group programs again in 2023 rooted in the ancient sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga. I feel so blessed to be able to offer this as it allows me to reach more people and offer tools sustainable tools for transformation and healing in a way that is practical, fun, personal and meaningful. By coaching a group, we heal as a group and support each other in the journey of personal development and healing.

Yoga and Ayurveda are two interrelated branches of the same great tree of Vedic knowledge that encompasses all human life and the entire universe. Dr. David Frawley