Essential Oils for Kapha

Kapha is the dosha that is ruled by the elements Earth and Water💧 

Kapha is heavy, slow, cold, greasy, static, smooth, etc. If this dosha predominates in your constitution, you should try to use hot and dry essential oils, especially astringent and spicy aromas. 

In Ayurveda the opposite balances us, which is why Aromatherapy for Kapha requires heat and dryness to counteract the cold and humid qualities of Kapha. 

Below 4 essential oils of Young Living great for Kapha. Of course there are many more wonderful Essentials Oils suitable for Kapha or for certain applications. Contact me for more information.

✔️Digize: An essential oil that promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system. You will love its aroma, it is a mixture of: Tarragon, ginger, mint, fennel, lemon grass, anise and patchouli. Read more

✔️Thieves: An ideal essential oil for Kapha, its spicy aroma is fantastic! It cannot be missing in your home, as it supports the immune system and purifies the environment! It is a mixture of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus. Read more

✔️Raven: This essential oil is a wonderful support for the respiratory system, it is a mixture of: Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Mint. It is ideal for preventing and alleviating colds, flu and this type of discomfort of the respiratory tract that are usually imbalances in the Kapha dosha! In addition, this oil provides mental balance! Read more

✔️Valor:   It is a mixture of: Spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and incense. For people with more Kapha, it is ideal since it features a spicy, sweet, positive aroma that inspires confidence and courage. Helps freshen the air when diffused and improves the appearance of skin when applied topically. Creates a grounded environment for yoga and meditation. Enhances massage for a rejuvenating experience. Read more


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