Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Yoga and Ayurveda are two interrelated branches of the same great tree of Vedic knowledge that encompasses all of human life and the entire universe. ~ Dr. Vasant lad

Our Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy  consultations and sessions are eligible for reimbursement in the supplementary insurance with a number of health insurers.

What is Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (Ayuryoga)?

Ayuryoga is the practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation according to Ayurvedic guidelines. Ayuryoga takes into account your constitution according to Ayurveda (prakruti) and your current state of health (vikruti). Ayuryoga is therefore a combination of the sister sciences Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda is the wisdom of life (veda – knowledge, wisdom; ayus – life). Yoga is an exercise system for the development of body, mind and soul. Yoga means unity, unity and connection. Ayur Yoga therefore includes yoga exercises related to Ayurveda.

Ayuryoga recognizes that Ayurveda and Yoga are one and offers an integrated, individualized and therapeutic approach to health, vitality and joy. It is based on the principle that we should not adapt to yoga practice, but yoga practice should be unique to support us and our needs for health and vitality. This individualized approach to each of us as a unique being, not only in terms of our genetic make-up, but how we come to imbalance and ultimately disease.

Ayurveda provides an in-depth framework for understanding the human body, our constitution and most importantly, the origins of diseases and their causes. Both yoga and Ayurveda restore the flow of prana (energy). In doing so, Ayurveda uses nutrition, diet, lifestyle, therapeutic treatments and herbal applications, while yoga uses pranayama, asana, meditation, mudra and medical life practices to support the body, mind and spirit. Yoga also gives us techniques to direct prana. Through the practice of yoga, we can clear the mind to experience the therapeutic and helping actions of Ayurveda to improve our well-being.

In this article you can read more about the connection between Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ayuryoga at Sankalpa Holistic Health

I use the Ayurvedic yoga therapy sessions for a variety of physical, physical, social health issues. First, I conduct a thorough health history and an Ayurvedic examination, including pulse and tongue diagnosis. Based on this, I then draw up an Ayurvedic yoga therapy treatment plan that consists of one-on-one Ayurvedic yoga therapy sessions with postures, breathing exercises and pranayama, massage, but also therapy based on sound, color and aroma. In addition to the 1 on 1 therapy sessions, you will also receive the recommendations and homework to apply at home to increase the body’s self-healing capacity.

Step 1, Intake €75

We get to work with your health goals. We start with extensive health history and intake. I perform both a tongue and pulse diagnosis and a general Ayurvedic examination. You will receive 1 to 2 initial recommendations to work on until our next session where I will share my conclusions. Duration: 60 minute session.

Step 2, Report of findings and Ayuryoga treatment plan €100

We will see each other again within a week after your first intake. I will share my conclusions and your personal Ayuryoga therapy treatment plan and you will receive your first one to one session.
Duration: 90 minute session.

Step 3, Continue Ayuryoga Therapy sessions  €100 per session

With the Ayuryoga therapy sessions of 90 minutes you will experience and learn what you can do to improve your state of health.At each therapy session, I give you an assignment, a kind of homework: something to work on between visits. When we meet, I’ll check in every time to see how things are going.

I also offer class cards.