I  support and guide you in achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being. I do this with a beautifully integrated system and ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga and an energetic healing modality called Pranic Healing.

It is my mission to inspire and guide you to health by helping you remember how to quiet the mind, relax the body and connect with yourself and everything around you.

My approach is Holistic. This means that people (body and mind) are seen as a whole. Through this holistic approach we guide and treat on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. We offer support through Ayurveda consultations and treatments, yoga therapy, pranic healing sessions, Holistic Coaching and education and transformation through workshops, group programs and training.

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Ayurvedisch Consult | Ayurvedic Consultation

Dit consult omvat een geïntegreerde en holistische benadering van gezondheid met Ayurveda & Yoga. | | This consultation incorporates an integrated and holistic approach to health with Ayurveda & Yoga.


Wat klanten zeggen

We had already been through a trauma months before and decided to initiate an IVF process, but in order to be successful with the treatment, the body and mind would need to be balanced at that moment, mainly acting on my biggest challenge: Anxiety.

Together, our journey during some months was a great combination of important pillars: nutrition, psychology, meditation, self-empowerment... she created a relaxing atmosphere with affection, extremely necessary for me during that moment.

Vanessa Davilaapril 2020

The Healing your life with Ayurveda program is an interesting and intensive introduction into Ayurveda. Riim is a dedicated, knowledgeable and super friendly guide.

Marcin24 February 2022

I first followed the meditation course as part of the Holistic Coaching offered by Riim (which I also recommend!), when I was going through a difficult period. Later on, I joined the live sessions of a group course and followed the renewed version of the course. This course, and the meditation practice I have been developing through it, has had a transformative effect in my life. It has a great structure, allowing you to discover different forms of meditation, and resources to delve deeper where you want or need to.

Viviana11 March 2021

Amazing studio, Riim is a wonderful pratictioner and she helped me a lot improving my health and mental well-being. Highly recommended!

Daniela15 January 2023

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