Sankalpa Ayurveda Fundamentals | 200 hour Program

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Word een Ayurveda Professional & Heler
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I am honoured that you are interested to learn about a holistic approach to health and you are considering to join the Sankalpa Ayurveda Fundamentals program to become an Ayurvedic healer and professional. Ayurveda is respected worldwide as one of the most important traditional systems of healing. Ayurveda is growing throughout the world as we are looking for holistic, natural ways to stay healthy and manage chronic disease. If you are seeking to make a difference in the world through a career in restoring the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of Ayurveda, this program is for you. But I wanted to make this program about more than Ayurveda. This program is also about your healing and personal development. I go beyond just Ayurveda by helping you be established in the Self, through Meditation and yogic practices and Pranic healing. This way you can also offer this to your family, friends and clients.

As someone who has experienced major imbalance in her twenties and thirties and which manifested in pcos, endometriosis, infertility and full blown thyroid disease, I am so passionate to guide individuals to prevent and manage disease with amongst others Ayurvedic medicine.In my life I have been able to apply Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga (including meditation) and a no-touch healing modality called Pranic Healing to balance body and mind and no longer suffer from the painful periods due to endometriosis but also prevent taking thyroid medication for life.

I worked many years in corporate life but did not find purpose or fulfilment there. In 2010 I founded a Yoga school in the Netherlands. I managed a yoga school for 7 years with lots of passion and so many insights and learnings. Through the practice of Yoga its sister science: Ayurveda, came on my path. It was not until I completed my Holistic Coaching training in 2015 that I started looking into actually formally studying Ayurveda. And so it was... I completed my training with one of the best schools in the USA with a very thorough and comprehensive training program.

Since 2015 I have been guiding individuals in my health practice, but for a long time I have been living with the great desire to share the knowledge of Ayurveda beyond one to one counselling. I am therefore beyond excited to offer my first program and contribute to training the future healers of Ayurveda.



If you have any question or would like to go through the program together or would like to understand how this program can personally positively impact you as an individual and your future clients, please schedule a clarity call.

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