It’s not what you do once in a while that matters, healthy habits create a healthy life and unhealthy habits create an unhealthy life”  ~ Dr. Marc Halpern.

As a Holistic Health Coach I am trained to give individual coaching and counseling sessions, focusing on preventive Ayurvedic medicine. Due to its holistic approach, Ayurveda works on the physical, mental and emotional level. Ayurveda treats the whole person, not just the disease or the complaints. In Ayurvedic treatment the cause is treated and not just the symptom. The main power of Ayurveda is that it increases your own self-healing capacity. In addition to a Holistic Consultation, you can also choose energetic body work through Pranic Healing.

Holistisc Health Consultation

After an extensive health history and intake,
you will learn your constitution and imbalance according to Ayurveda. In the first consultation. I perform both a tongue and pulse diagnosis. You will receive a personal treatment plan
within a week. Your treatment plan will include lifestyle and nutritional advice according to Ayurveda. In addition, I also work with
aroma and color advice / therapy and I give recommendations for Ayurvedic treatments and yoga therapy. After the initial consultation, I will guide you with follow-up consultations of 1 hour towards optimal health and well-being.

Pranic Healing Consultation

After an extensive health history and intake, we treat with Pranic Healing and Counseling for relief of physical or emotional disorders through the application of life energy. You will receive a customized treatment plan.

Holistic Health ConsultationPranic Healing Consultation
Duration 1st session:
90 minutes
Duration 1st session:
90 minutes
Cost first session:  95Cost first session:  80
Follow-up: 75
(60 min)
Follow-up 65
(60 min)

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is both a way of life and a medical system that has been practiced worldwide for more than 5000 years and can therefore be regarded as the oldest medicine known to man. Read more

What is Pranic Healing?

MCKS Pranic Healing is a powerful and effective no-touch no-drug energy healing modality. Pranic Healing utilises Prana to accelerate the natural healing processes of the physical body. Read more