Yoga Madestein Park - Yoga The Hague

During the summer we offer Yoga in Madestein Park with view on the water lake. We meet up at the parking of the School of Kindcentrum Vroondaal.

We start June 7.

You can sign up for class via the groupapp

Classes are taught by Riim Lagerwerf and Regina Nemeth. Both certified yoga teachers and Health Coach. Regina teaches in English

The Yoga Teachers

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We recommend you reserve your class so we know that you will be attending. You can do that via the groupapp


Note that Sankalpa Holistic Centre shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damages in connection with taking classes, workshops or courses at Sankalpa Holistic Health. Every Customer  is obliged to notify Sankalpa Holistic Health of any physical injury, pregnancy, mental illness to the teacher. There is always a risk of injury involved when taking a yoga class, workshop or training. By attending  a yoga class, workhop or course at Sankalpa Holistic Health, the Customer accepts this risk of injury.
Sankalpa Holistic Health offers the following guidelines to diminish the risk of injury:

– Consult with a physician when you are not sure you are completely healthy, or if you are pregnant, before starting to take yoga classes
– If you have an injury, or other physical issue, inform the yoga teacher thereof before you start your yoga class.
– Listen to and follow the instructions of the yoga teacher
– Be secure when exercising yoga and listen to your physical limitations
– Don’t do any exercises that are painful
– Ask questions when you do not understand an exercise